Overcoming issues attaching SQL Server database files

I’m doing some reporting work against a SQL Server database, and received some files (a .mdf and .ldf file) for evaluation. Starting from scratch with no version of SQL Server installed, the first thing to confirm was: exactly what SQL Server database was used to create these files? There’s no straight-forward way to determine version. It seems the best way is to inspect the .mdf file with a hex editor, go to the location 0x12064, read the 2 bytes there, and convert to decimal.

Hex values

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New year, new desk

As you’ve undoubtedly heard, sitting at desk is akin to the “new smoking”, i.e. long-term sitting is thought to be not good, and could lead to issue down the track. For me personally, I’ve found it’s hard to maintain a good posture while seating (despite my best intentions and efforts). So this year I opted to try a stand-up desk. Fortunately I have an old Ikea Jerker desk which is very configurable. Ikea discontinued this desk several years ago. The table area itself can be raised to virtually any height. I now have a bar chair, which is easy to move in or out as needed. I often start the day standing, and try to stand for as long as possible before bringing the chair back in. So far, I’ve found for periods requiring concentration, I tend to prefer sitting. Let’s see how it goes..