Advice for starting a mobile app business

In short, two things: (1) register your sole-trader or similar business entity for tax purposes, and (2) close the Apple contract for paid apps. If you have a decent app idea, do these things as soon as you start development. Apple require developers to show evidence they are registered for local tax before allowing them to sell apps on the app store.
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Overcoming issues attaching SQL Server database files

I’m doing some reporting work against a SQL Server database, and received some files (a .mdf and .ldf file) for evaluation. Starting from scratch with no version of SQL Server installed, the first thing to confirm was: exactly what SQL Server database was used to create these files? There’s no straight-forward way to determine version. It seems the best way is to inspect the .mdf file with a hex editor, go to the location 0x12064, read the 2 bytes there, and convert to decimal.

Hex values

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