Windows 10: how to fix lost wireless connection upon waking computer from sleep

Do you find it annoying that your Windows 10 PC forces you to reconnect your wireless upon awakening your PC from sleep? Yes it’s a rather annoying default setting that doesn’t make a lot of sense. When the PC wakes up, it should reconnect automatically. There are at least a couple of solutions.. you could prevent your computer from going to sleep, or you can disable the network adapter from participating in the sleep event. I’ll show the solution using the latter method.

Firstly, locate the network adapter properties. There are a few ways to do it – I think the easiest way is via Device Manager. Right-mouse click the Start icon and select Device Manager. Then locate Network Adapters and then expand (click on the triangle) and right-mouse click the relevant device (probably the wireless one) similar to the following figure:



Then click the Power Management tab, and uncheck the Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power, and click OK.



That’s all!

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